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As a leading broadcast services company in Portland, Oregon, Radio Tower Company stands ready to provide a wide range of maintenance, installation, fabrication, design and erection services. Our company was built on experience at every major broadcast tower site in Portland. Projects at many other sites across Oregon and Washington have built our reputation for high quality, reliable installations.


OR CCB# 155858


Our slogan, "Appropriately Overbuilt", reflects our commitment to providing rugged, durable and reliable installations for the demanding weather conditions of the northwest.

As the tower industry matures, broadcasters and tower owners are becoming more aware of the need for safe and professional tower crews. In the past some companies tried to save money by hiring anyone willing to climb a tower and attempt their project. Today, wise managers realize that this was a false economy. Only when a tower crew is prepared with the proper equipment, materials, safety training and insurance, can you be assured that all of your financial concerns are being addressed.

Radio Tower Company is at the leading edge of safety through voluntary consultation with OR OSHA, membership in the National Association of Tower Erectors and a commitment to continual safety training. We independently started a 100% fall protection requirement for all climbers before this standard had yet appeared in the industry. Regular use of an RF consulting engineer assures that the interests of all parties are being met. We comply with or exceed the insurance needs of all of our clients.


Tower Erection
photo courtesy of James Keightley

We are proud of the operating principles by which we have achieved our reputation:

- Safety of our crew and all site personnel
- Safety of all the client's assets

- Reliability of installations and personnel
- Knowledge of proper installation standards
- Meeting deadlines

- Professionalism
- Communication
- Followthrough

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Radio Tower Company was recently featured on OPB’s popular “Oregon Field Guide”.

Here’s what Wireless had to say about our segment:

“...features Radio Tower Company repairing a transmission line on Oregon Public Broadcasting's 1000-foot Portland tower.

Their workers appear to provide a textbook example of utilizing proper safety procedures while climbing,
ensuring that lock-out-tag-out procedures are followed, and following up with RF exposure testing to
verify that they can perform their work in a safe environment.”

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